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PicHunter Review on TheCamDude

PicHunter is a great site that offers up thousands of pics for free. You can see and download anything that you want without having to spend a dime. There are ads in between some of the pics if you’re looking at them in full screen, though. It’s worth it for the amount of porn that you get. The girls are all hot and are both amateurs and porn stars. There’s also a section for mainstream celebrities. You shouldn’t expect much nudity in this section of Pic Hunter, but they make sure to show them looking hot.

The Girlfriend category is where it’s really at here. It’s filled with amateurs and girlfriends who love to show themselves off. You can see them getting naked and flashing their bodies and just getting fucked. It’s all real and the quality is a testament to that. Some will be high quality while other pictures on PicHunter will be coming from phones. Either way, you’ll still be able to see everything that you want. It should be your first stop at the site, especially if you like seeing hot, young girls. Most of them are in their teens and early twenties. It’s the fix that you’ve always been looking for and they do it really well.

The PicHunter site works really good and it’s all nicely organized. You can put your photo sets into full-screen mode and click through them in high quality. You can’t make it play automatically, so you’ll always need one hand on your mouse. You can also check out the profile pictures for the uploaders. This will let you see every single set that they have up. If you find your favorite girls, this is your best bet to see more of them. You won’t be able to rate or comment on anything so, if that’s your thing, you’ll have to find it elsewhere.

Girlfriend category has real amateur girls showing off and getting fucked
View and download anything for free
Pages for each uploader to see all of their series

No slideshow to play images
No way to rate or comment
Ads in between images

PicHunter is a great site for anyone who loves seeing hot girls naked. The quality is good and you can both look at and download anything that you want for free. The Girlfriend category brings you more amateurs than you could ever need. They’re gorgeous and they’ll both show off in the nude and get fucked on camera. There are ads in between the pics if you’re looking at them in full screen, but it’s not a big deal. All you have to do is click through them. It’s more than worth your time to check it out.